How Do You Hook Up With A Guy That Thinks You're More Experienced Than You Say You Are?


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Barbara Fisher Profile
Barbara Fisher answered
The best answer I have for you is just be honest up front with this man and every man that you date. More experienced can be applied to a lot of things.

A good man might find great joy in finding a woman who is more experienced in cooking than he thought she was.

He might be excited if you are more experienced at dancing or such things.

If you are talking about sex, do not try to fool him. You might find out he is really more interested in you as a person and friend and let the sexual part fall into place. Do not lie to him or to anyone for that matter.
Polly Hinchliffe Profile
You have to tell him the truth if you want to keep seeing him because he'll expect too much from you and it won't work if you don't tell him the truth.
How did he come to think you were more experienced then he was? Did you tell him that you were? If he really likes you he won't mind if you aren't experienced but you need to tell him the truth.
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Fred Jones answered
Be honest with him and I would guess he will not be able to know the difference. Each person is different and act different in each circumstance.

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