My Boyfriend Gives Me Oral, But It Doesn't Do Anything For Me. Is That Wrong? 


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If your boyfriend can't get you going orally, my experience suggests that there's probably one of two things going on here:
A) Either you are not in the right frame of mind to enjoy him
B) He hasn't got the skills of oral sex down yet.

A possible 'option c' would be that you have something wrong with your sensation down there.

Why doesn't oral sex feel pleasurable any more? In my opinion, it's rather unusual that oral sex doesn't do anything for you. I find oral to be even more pleasurable than full-on sex most of the time, so if you don't want to miss out I'd suggest considering the following possibilities.

Are you in the right mood?
If you're not feeling 'sexy' then no matter how good your man is in bed, nothing will get you going.
Foreplay is going to be important for getting in the mood, and is something you'll need to 'train' your man to do better.

When I first got with my husband, his idea of foreplay was rolling over, grunting, and grabbing at my luscious derriere. I had to teach him where my 'buttons' are, and how to push them. The same probably goes for your man.

Don't rush things, guys are usually ready to go before they've even got their pants off, for girls the 'warming up' part is really important.

Even when he's actually performing oral on you, don't be afraid to make it clear exactly what you want. You don't need to start shouting 'left, left, up a bit' and stuff like that, just groan and moan when he's hitting the spot and he'll soon learn the way to get you flowing.

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I am not speaking for every woman, but usually oral gets you going.
And him feeling your boobs usually also feels great, so try and get more into it...
Consider that maybe he's not right for you in the bed room?
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How old are you?
Sex is actions and it takes more than words...
Have you told him it doesn't do a thing for you? Communication works...

All males think they are the best, but take it from me they aren't!
I pretty much gather you are young, so try roller blading and omit the sex until you're old enough.
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Don't take this the wrong way but maybe he's not doing something right, he has to be creative. I use both hands and my mouth!
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When he next does it, say to him: 'that feels really good but try this' (lead him into the direction of what pushes your buttons).
If you tell him straight out that you don't enjoy it, then he's going to lose all confidence and hate himself. So try and twist it around and tell him what you like would like him to do for you. He will love it.

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