Would a player text you every morning saying "Good Morning, Miss You", or even text you at night and say "Going to bed, night sweet dream" or say "you too xoxo" (If I text him first to say night and sweet dreams)?


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Angela Anthony answered

Yeah they would. That's something they enjoy, they say all the right things, make you feel good, and all the while don't mean a word of it....I learned my lesson about that about a year ago. Real men are out there though, I found one and have never been happier!

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Lia Tan answered

Honestly I think they would. Aside from the fact that players enjoy being with multiple people at a time, the difference between someone who is a player and someone who isn't is that they are able to do charming things and not mean it. What he's doing right now is pretty charming if I do say so myself. He's giving you attention, making you feel special, and it's making you get all that nice mushy feelings. 

I'm not saying that all people who say that stuff are players, but it doesn't surprise me if a player can say all that stuff and not truly mean it. I mean players can directly say "I love you" to your face looking like they mean it when they really don't. That's why if you think that he's a player, those text messages aren't enough to prove whether he's innocent or guilty.

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Sara Lewis answered

The problem with "players" is that you generally only find out they are players after they have done something to show you that they are! 

If people knew that they were players in the first place, they might not give them so much opportunity to play around....

By definition, players like to play games. So sometimes they might text you nice things, which seem quite sweet and genuine, but who knows if you are the only person they are saying them to?

However! It is important to give people the benefit of the doubt. 

It sounds as though other people are telling you that he is a player but maybe you're not so sure? If that is the case, then don't let them put you off, but just be wary. If he gives you reasons to doubt him, then be sure to hit him up about it!

I'd personally recommend keeping an eye on how he acts around other women too. 

If he genuinely is a player, then you're likely to see him saying and doing the same things around other girls too.

If he is the real deal, then it'll become pretty clear that he's talking to you in this special way because he has feelings for you.

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