I texted a girl saying "good morning beautiful". She replied saying "Good morning my Love, how r u?" What do girls when when they call a guy my love? She doesn't say it to other guys and that was the first time she said it to me.


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I think she was saying it to be goofy, to be honest with you. I say "miss" "love" and "my lady" to all my girls (that are) friends when texting and talking to them. I'm not trying to be a flirt or anything. It's just humorous to be proper sometimes.
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Kiss her tonight
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selena gomez answered
She is in love with you I'm a girl I know
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If she only said it to you, and it was the first time, she feels passionate about you, and she feels comfortable to start calling you thing like that! It's a positive thing!
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K, if yur going out.. Thats TOTALLY DIFFRENT but, I do that too, ill "play along" shes prob just saying that or shes rly,, IN LOVE WITH you lol jk but, don't stress over it
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Either ye all rit or
BULLCRAP she rinks your jokin so she jokin bak Wich always appens 2 my friend

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