Do girls like receiving good morning texts from guys that they are not interested in? I text a girl good morning almost every morning and she always replies and not with just one or two words. What do you think this means?


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Girls LOVE good morning texts. Who doesn't love waking up in the morning glancing at their phones and seeing the words "good morning sunshine". Not only do they wake you up but just the thought that they know you were thinking of them makes them feel special :D
Addison St.Francis
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I think she really likes you. But I don't think that a girl would like it if you did send her a text in the morning if she's not interrested and she wouldn't reply back either unless she says leave me alone :D! So I think you're on the right course! :D
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WE LOVE IT! Every morning dude:)
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Yah I'd love if something like that happened to me. She probably likes it and you. If the messages are long try and decode the meaning to figure out for sure if she likes you keep it up and make her morning

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