what's a cute good morning text?


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What's a cute good morning text?

Well I was thinking about what text I'd like to receive first thing in the morning? 

For a start it would have to make me say,  ‘Aww.....that’s so cute...that's beautiful!’ 

It would make me feel that it was meant just for me.

It would make me want to look at it all day long.

It would make me really want to be with the person who sent it.

If you're a wizard with lovely words then just speak from the heart. Say something about the person - how they make you feel, how they look, how much you miss them..... Even if you meet every day!

Richard Rogers put it better than anyone when he wrote ‘With a Song in my Heart’ back in 1929

Guaranteed to make anyone go weak at the knees!

There are some lovely modern poems and songs that you can find. This sweet verse is from a woman born in Leningrad in 1954 - her name is Nina Chudinov. It's called If Only....

That's a thought to last all day.

But maybe a text should just be... A text!  You could try something like this. 

That's cute...

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