What's a cute morning text I can send my boyfriend?


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I think a picture text is worth a thousand word texts, and that's saying something coming from a writer. Back in the day *giggle* (a year ago), before my husband and I were married, I would send him texts in the morning too. Over time, I learned that I could say the most with a well thought out image.Here are my three favorite types of "good morning" picture texts: ONEPresentsPresents! The gifts that keep on giving.  Not only buy your beloved something special, enjoy the prolonged satisfaction of showing them their gift in advance.  A picture of you holding their present is a two-fold joy; not only will they think you're darling handsome, but they will rejoice to know you thought specially of them by purchasing a gift.TWO


Sending a picture of some destination you would like to visit with your beloved is another wonderful way to start the day: It builds hope, sets aspirations, gives motivation: All of which lasts throughout the day.  If you want to inspire your love to further reach their goals, remind them of what lays ahead.THREE

Purpose Blurtit

Does your beloved know your intentions? Have you two decided if you are just having fun or in it for the long haul? What is the purpose of even texting this person first thing in the morning? Is longevity a tangible thing?  These are all sounds questions one should ask them self: I know I did.Happy texting!

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I agree with Miranda... A picture does the job pretty well! But for the days when your creativity is lacking...there's always a substitute message in the bag somewhere! Here's a few short but sweet messages :

  1. Morning, just wanted to say that you mean the world to me, because today is the start of another day loving you.
  2. Do a little voice note of you saying happy morning or something? Like 'Hey morning, just thought you'd love to hear my voice first thing in the morn' haha :)
  3. A picture of yourself getting ready saying you're 'looking good for him' :)
  4. Voice note a morning song to him! Bet he'll find that cute and funny!

That's about from me!

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a selfie whilst in bed (face only naughty) peek out the covers in an adorable way and just write boo

same except you can just put "sup?" on the pic or an inside joke sup is an inside joke i had with my ex one morning i took a pic of me and his favorite mug drinking coffee out of it he had been searching for it like a maniac and i just put sup? In the text

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Keep it simple, just a "good morning handsome" will do just fine. Offer to make him a nice breakfast and he will coming running to you!

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Morning baby I just wanted to tell u I love u witg all my heart and I always will u mean the world to me hope u have a greattt day XOOXOXOXOX

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