What could I say to a boy that I like?


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Carl Hendershot Profile
Carl Hendershot answered
Be open and honest. Theres nothing wrong with telling someone that you like them. If they do not feel the same let them know that it is ok and you will always be a good friend. Being upfront is your safest bet in life. Strong minded. The world is Vast and plenty.
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Anonymous answered

"Hey boy, I like you"!

Gina Christine Profile
Gina Christine answered
Just get to know him better. I know cause I'm in the same situation right now.
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
First try and find his likes and dislikes and then find some in common, and go from there when talking to him
Mrs. bieber Profile
Mrs. bieber answered
Well u can say there cute or something that u like and than say aw i like u lolz:)
If that dont work than just talk to him and than say that u like him:)
tamara jones Profile
tamara jones answered
Just b a go getter say hi and start talking about something he likes and slowly get him to be enjoy your company and it will grow from there ok

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