What To Say To A Guy When He Ask Why I Love Him The Words Are There I Just Don't Know How To Say Them?


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I know how you feel! My husband has ask me for 11 years the very same question and my answer was always " just because". I knew why I loved him but like you said the words are there but speaking them was the problem. But in may of 2007 my husband, my best friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer!!!!! Now it was even harder for the words to be spoken, but I also knew it was the only question I could give him the answer to, however that still left the problem of speaking the words (even harder now). So for his birthday in July ( yes it took me that long) I made a homemade, kinda preschool card like a heart and wrote in many colors.... I Love You Because... Your my best never let me've never given up on always know how to comfort are a godly've always protected gave me everything, my kids. My home, my happiness, my knowledge of real true love, you made me strong, you made me a better person. ALL THE THINGS YOU CAN'T SAY YOU CAN WRITE DOWN. By the grace of God my husband is still with us and I hope that your relationship  last forever. You don't have to say it but you should tell him. May God bless you and thanks for the question. I was on tonight wondering if I might connect with someone to lift my spirits a little and I thank God for you being a blutter tonight.
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I ask my wife that all the time....and she says "I love you because you are YOU"....She says she loves my smile, my personality, that I keep her feet warm at night, that I laugh at her jokes, that I come to her rescue. She tells me that she loves the moments when we're side by side, on the computer, watching tv, driving...we don't have to say a word...just being by one another is great.
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You should have a list of things you love about him like maybe his smile and personality.You should just speak your mind so he can know you love him.You should get it all out because its better to tell him using what you know about him and what you think makes him a great guy.Tell him your true feelings and it will feel better.And if you have already, you should ask him about his feelings for you.
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Ugh well I told this guy once..his personality..he makes me smile like no other guy has ever done, I feel all shy around him and I get the butterflies. Tell him what you feel.

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