What Do You Say When Someone Asks Why You Love Them?


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The best advice in this situation is to say what you truly feel. If you really love someone, then it should not be too difficult to think of things to say. Explain to them all the qualities and characteristics that you like so much about them. For instance, you could mention physical characteristics such as their eyes or their smile. Alternatively, you might want to say that you love the sound of their laughter. You could talk about their amazing personality; the ways in which they make you smile and the things that they do that cheer you up.
Try to think about the reasons that you enjoy their company so much and remember the things you miss most about them when they are not around. Answering this question should not be too difficult - it is not a trick and the best response is simply to tell the truth as you should be able to think of plenty of things to say if you do actually love the person.
Of course, the extent to which you answer the question might vary depending on the circumstances. If you are in a long-term relationship with someone then you should not feel afraid or worried about being as open and honest as you want to be. However, if you are in an earlier stage of a relationship or you are not in a relationship at all, then either of you might feel uncomfortable in being overly elaborate or dramatic when explaining your feelings for each other. Again, the best advice would be to follow your instincts and judge the situation.
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You tell them very clearly your reasons. For Example if your bf/gf asks you why you love them, you simply answer with whats on your heart. You tell them you love them because of their personality or their beautiful smile, the way they cheer you up or always make you feel good when you are around them. Tell them you love them because when your with them you feel happy and contempt.
I really hope this helped!!!
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Tell them the reasons. Personality, funny, energetic, cute, and whatever else you want to add in there if they have it all...
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When someone asks why you love them tell them they make you happy and make you feel good.  Tell them they are the only one that makes you feel secure.  

If someone has to ask why, then they are not secure within themselves and need always to be reassured.  That does not make for a good relationship.
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You..... Just tell them the truth and they will be true back to you if you ask that same question... It could just be puppy-love, but then again it could be something more...
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Tell them why such as personality, smile, kindness. Stuff like that.
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Well if you love them then tell them why you love them

like you can say there funny cute personality ect...

And if you want to answer that question you really need to tell them how you feel about them
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Wow what a question, I was asked by me sweetheart the same question loll. I loved her because of her mentality, her lovely nature and above all her cute face loll.
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Well if you love them you should know what you love about them.
Tell them what attracts you to them. What you enjoy about them.
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You say what makes you happy when your with them and how you really feel about them:)
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Just tell them why you like them like their good at something or you think something there wearing or their doing is cute. Good luck!
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Tell them what you like about them :) like say for example, you love their eyes, or the way they make you laugh :)
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You need to tell them how and what you really feel about that person. And if you don't have an answer, thats all on you.

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