What Should I Ask A Boy That I Like?


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What do you look for in a girl?
What's your favourite thing about yourself?
What's your favourite thing about me?
How often do you think of me?
Ever had a dream about me?
What would you do if I ran away from home?
What's your perfect first date?
Do you trust me?
Do you like talking to me?
Could you ever love me?

If you want to let him know you're interested, without being too obvious, just hint at it. Say, "I seen you today, you looked good."

Compliment his clothes, tell him hes funny, ask questions all about his family- his childhood, friends, hobbies, music, sports.

Hope I helped :)
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!!! HA!!!!! I've been through this ... >>>  Well first ask him for his favorite things or hobbies... Then just get to know him more and more like that.... Please try to be funny so he can feel good around you!
Tip: Do not act too serious, though, because if you do, then he'll get bored!
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No, just move on. If he doesn't like you that's his loss not yours. Their are plenty of fish in the ocean. So find someone else who will care. Don't let someone become a priority in your life when your just an option in theirs.
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Ask him things that you want to know for yourself like what he finds attractive in a girl or whats his dream girl like and just make general conversation then when you start talking more you can then move on to more serious things.
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I'm in that situation right now but what I'm going to do is approach him and make small talk then say "would you maybe want to go out with me" in a gentle voice
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Be you ask him question that you think of don't be some your not cause that boy you are talking to probably likes you for you and just getting to know first so don't get big headed if he don't ask out on the second date just get to know each other first and see were it leads to
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The  one thing I hate is   a girl  always chasing after a guy or asking him out you shouldn't ask him nothing if he's interested in you let him ask the questions!!

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