If I'm scared to tell a boy I like them, what should I do?


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David Shabazi answered

Face your fears; express your feelings to him.

If you were to hold back until both of you graduate and get separated, you will never know what kind of response he would have given. You'll feel remorse if he would have told you that he felt the same way, or maybe not if he wasn't interested in the first place. Either way you both want to be together, right? Make an act to let him know before it's too late, otherwise you'll never know what kind of answer he would have given.

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kiah powell answered

If you and him have Facebook/phones and stuff like that start chatting to him and one day/night when your talking to him just tell him how you feel, you never know he might like you back....I hope this helps

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Richard Corona answered

You would think that technology has made relationships easier but it is not the case at all.

If he does not know about you then you can do it one of two ways.

One way: You can put out subtle signals are by befriending his sister if he has one and telling her how much you like her brother.

Another is attracting his attention and then giving him an inviting smile and carefully watching his reaction.

If you are already on speaking terms then when you are alone simply tell him that you like him a lot more than a friend.

Just remember that the longer you leave it the more likely you are to lose him to someone else...

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Become friends with him! Then, once you know each other well, you'll know for sure if you like him. Then you can start flirting with him a little bit. Or you can just face your fear and tell him that you like him.

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