How Long Should You Wait Until You Ask The Guy You Been Seeing \talking To What He Is Wanting In The Relationship ?


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I guy I've found from experience like a chase, he doesn't like anyone who is too easy or too demanding.  Pull back from him for a minute and let him do the chasing, if he chase than you know where you stand.  a lot of times we don't want to do this because we're afraid of losing him.  But if he is everything you said he is it's worth the test.

Good Luck
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Thakns for answering my question!! I will try it and hope he does the chasing !!!
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I think that lucky guy will be happy if you tell him about your feelings, good luck
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HI. Why wait any longer. If this is how you're feeling about him then just tell him..Now..I don't think you should wait any-longer. I think three weeks whear long -Nuff. Just do whatever you feel in side of your heart to do.that's all.. No one knows That better then you. What to do.   Good luck.
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I think guys have a way of hinting what they want in a relationship in their actions. Has it been physical already? Does the way he speaks to you imply that he would want something concrete with you in the future? Try to read into these things before you ask? And do you know how you feel already? Do you want a real relationship with him? If you can't figure it out on your own you should try bringing it up in conversation and bring up what you want first, and see if he'll comment on it and go where you want with it. I only say this because guys get weird when you are forward with them sometimes. Good luck!
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Yes it has been physical already and as for me I really like him and would like to be in a relationships with him. I don't want to run him off by asking cause I know what you mean by guys getting weird . How would I go about bringing it up or asking him
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Well you can start a normal conversation with him and then casually slip it in there the fact that you really like him. And then maybe make a little joke saying something like, "I can see you and me being good together" (sorry that was horrible, but hopefully you get the picture and come up with a better one, lol). He should respond...and if not then leave it alone for that moment, but you should then bring it all up again on a serious note another time and coax him into answering
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My god, some of the losers who are offering you advice and "good luck" can't keep a woman themselves, and infact have to rely on lies , porn and stealing!

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