I'm 14 year old girl. I dress like a boy and like boys things like sports, video games, etc. I play hockey on a girls team and sometimes I wish I could be a boy. I wouldn't be able to play hockey on a boys team. I like boys. I am not lesbian. Am I transgender?


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From what you have described, I don't think you are transgendered.  The reason I say this is you say you wish you were a boy, not that you feel like you are a boy.  Transgender people feel as though they are one gender trapped in the other gender's body.

If you live in the U.S. and the hockey team is through your school and there is no hockey team for girls, according to (I think) Title IX you can be on the boy's hockey team.  I have a friend, who is female, and she played on football and wrestling teams with the boys because there was no female team for these sports.

Be who you feel you are.  Enjoying traditionally male pastimes does not make you transgender or a lesbian.  It make you a girl who like hockey, just like some other girls like cheerleading.

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No.  Lesbian means you only want sex and romance with women; strictly no men or boys at all.  If you like both men and women, that means you're bisexual, which is not lesbian, and not straight, nor is it "both".  Bisexual is its own specific orientation, like gay or straight.

The things you mentioned you're into, I'm a 40 year old woman and I was into at your age.  I am still into them.  I even started my own women's major league baseball team - that's baseball: Not softball.  That's about as lesbian-seeming as it gets.  Today, I work in a career usually mostly men get into, and am considered good at it.  But I am only sexually and romantically attracted to straight men.  What you are is a tomboy.  When you grow up, you'll be called an Alpha Female or Alpha Woman. 

I won't lie to you.  This won't be easy.  Your strength, sportiness and confidence will attract A LOT of gay women who think heterosexual women couldn't possibly be butch and like men.  We do and can ;)

You will also attract A LOT of gay MEN.  These will usually still be in the closet when they come on to you.  They're attracted to how tough and interesting you are, how confident you are, and how your personality has a specific, hard shape - like that of a man.  That will not mean they love or want to be intimate with you.  But often they will hint that it does.  It will become your job to gently guide these guys away from you, where their confusion has led them, back to where they belong - with other gay guys, dating THEM, not you.

Do not date a gay man.  It won't lead anywhere positive.  He will not stay with you in at the end of things; he desires the male body and though your brain and confidence are masculine, your body is female and nobody will be as aware of this as your gay buddy.  Keep him platonic you'll be doing both him and yourself a lot of good.

The world doesn't offer a lot of safe or comfortable places to the very strong, fearless, confident, athletic and independent straight woman.  Over time that will change.  You are one of us: A future Alpha woman.  One of the leaders.  Watch your back for envious Beta chicks and their gossip and daggers.  Look for the strong Alpha male tough enough and loving enough to handle you.  I found mine and one day you'll find yours.

Being a strong woman who plays video games or even sports does not make you a lesbian.  Desiring to have sex with other girls and with women makes you a lesbian.  Nothing else does.

Be proud being a strong heterosexual woman.  In ancient days they called us AMAZONS, girl.

Ride out on your war horse, shoot those arrows and conquer.  :)

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You should be free to who you want be, you could be classified as a Tomboy but what makes the difference? You're not hurting anyone so be free to be who you want to. You're not hurting your physical health with drug abuse or alcohol, so be free to be who want be..

Happy New Year have a blessed one

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You are what has been known for generations as a tomboy. A girl who likes to do what has traditionally be known as boy things. That was me at your age. I am still a bit that way.

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