What is a cute paragraph to send to your boyfriend?


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If you want to write a paragraph for your boyfriend, I would recommend keeping it simple and showing him how devoted you are to him (without being needy).

Here's a good example:

Without getting too stereotypical about it, not all guys are into the whole "lovey-dovey" kind of stuff, or at least they don't let on to it and have difficulty dealing with these kind of emotions.

If your boyfriend falls into this category, then I think it'd make sense to fill the paragraph with things he can genuinely relate to, appreciate and understand.

For example, if he's into basketball, then he might find it funny/romantic if you mention that.

Another really good idea if you're stuck knowing what to write in your cute paragraph is lyrics.

If your boyfriend has a favorite band or singer, just use some of their lyrics as inspiration - you can't go wrong with that!

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