What are some different dirty paragraphs to send to your boyfriend?


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Looking for dirty paragraphs to send to your boyfriend?

From my experience the best way to turn a guy on is to do these three things:

How to write a really dirty paragraph for your boyfriend.

1) Describe everything you want to do to him. Start off slow at first - don't send it as one big paragraph, but  tease him at first and then surprise him with how kinky you can be about 4 texts into the conversation at least.

2) Guys love oral. Guys loves girls that love giving oral. Use that to your advantage.

3) Send pictures. As they say, pictures paint a thousand words. Snapchat is good because the images delete - also because it's only a short clip, he will dying for more afterwards.

If you guys don't use Snapchat, then just a normal picture is hot too.

Also, check out other people's examples!

Here are some really dirty paragraphs that other girls wrote for their boyfriends:

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