What are some cute things to do for your boyfriend?


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Betty Cheng answered
Bake/ make "home-made" cookies or desserts... Ask if he's hungry and make something or bring him something to eat he's craving. <----- the saying that the way into a man's heart is through his stomach. <3 just do thoughtful things... Small things like this makes him go GaGa all over you, trust me. My exs' still loves me for trying my best in taking care of them. Yes, they're still chasing me because they know that I was really good to them. =) So, make your boyfriend feel like a boyfriend. Treat them like the way you would like to be treated and thought as. If you shower them with your love most likely they respond back by doing the same. Good luck. =)
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Joe B. answered
He's your boyfriend, your problem to deal with.
You should know what to do for him and what he likes...
If it were me... Well if it were me, give me money, lots of money
and then leave me alone because I do not love you, and I'm going to spend this money you gave me on my true love LOL
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Joel Richard answered
Love is the most priceless thing to give yet very costly but i know you would say you love him but show him in the most little way you can and he will appreciate it say getting him some hot boxers or good inner to remember you with.
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Anthony Sanchez answered
Heyyyy!!! How about you walk up to him! And give him a big kiss... On his cheek! Randomly! Taht would be awesome
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sarah petit answered
U should buy him a basket ball foootball tennisball wharev he like give it to him with his favorite player sighned on it or u could just.....just get some whip cream and get nasty with him

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