What is a cute paragraph to send to your girlfriend?


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The thing about writing love letters or cute paragraphs is that, there's not "cut and paste" recipe for doing it right.

The reason is simple.

  1. To be genuine, your paragraph needs to include personality and knowledge of that person. Using someone else's words will look pretty obvious.
  2. Not all girls are the same.

The second point is especially true. Some girls enjoy soppy love poems - while others prefer their guys to be more "macho". You're not going to find a cute little paragraph that you can just ship out to any girl and make her swoon.

However... I do have some suggestions:

  1. Check out Tumblr. Look for things like "love quotes" or "cute texts". You'll notice that most of the posts that get a lot of shares also include images. Maybe you could try a short, sweet quote with a nice image as the background.
    Maybe the image could be of the two of you!
  2. Think about all the questions girls ask themselves about guys: "How much do I meant to him?", "Does he really love me?", "Will he be with me forever?", "Are we meant to be together?"

    Use these questions as cues for what you should write about - these are the kind of things your girlfriend secretly asks herself - so here's your chance to give her the answer!
  3. Mention intimate details.
    I don't mean "those" kind of intimate details... Instead, I'm referring to things that only you would know or think to include in a paragraph.

    For example, you could say "she's as as sweet as her favorite candy bar" or "that you think about her more than your favorite sports team".

    It's the small touches like this that can really make the difference.

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