WHY Do Guys While Talking To You. Suddenly Cross Their Arms. Look Intently At You With Iut Looking LeftNORright. Great Smile? But The Next Day They Donot Turn Up?


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Well hes jst shy. Or not too sure of himself if you will like him. And well look intently means hes lookin for how r you feelin while talkin to him or maybe jst checkin that you don't dodge him. So do not lose eye contact on your part.  Cross his arms means hes gettin blushed inside or not knowin which position to be in. Or not sure of his body posture. If he smiles then it might be to signal you. Or maybe he wants to show hes havin a happy time . Or maybe thats st natural. Now y he doesnt say hi 1st maybe because hes shy . Try sayin hi a few times. Or maybe pass nearby him wen not a lot of ppl are around and see if he calls you
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1Look Intently = he wants to memorize facial features 'cause he likes you. 2. Cross his arms - he doesn't want to talk now 3. Smile = he likes you. Boys have no so much time to spend every hour with girls.  He can forget to call up us. But it doesn't mean he don't like. Or maybe there are another reasons why they are so busy. Maybe you meet only shy boys? Just smile and he begins to talk to you. Just give a reason. 

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