Yesterday in the mall a man selling pastries looked at me while I was walking and moved his arms back and forth like he was imitating me and making fun of me, why do you think he did that?


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We weren't there and have no idea. You could have asked him what he was doing.  Or, when in doubt, walk away and ignore the person. If the person was working one of the kiosks, their selling tactics are quite aggressive. They have a limited amount of time to get your attention so that you stop at their kiosk and buy or try what they are selling.

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SuperFly Original
You should politely tell him to piss off if he is indeed teasing you, specifically. Or continues to.
DDX Project
DDX Project commented
Maybe he's cheering you on for exercising? I know I do that to my neighbors all the time.
Anneof Green
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No dear, he is a strange 50+ year old man that decided to act like a 5 year old by making fun of strangers passing by....
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Why do you care?

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Anneof Green
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I guess because I'm a normal human being with a brain inside my head.
Cookie Roma
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And you'll spend a lot of time being frustrated if you let every stranger, who can't mind their own business, make you question yourself.
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You missed your chance to ask him.

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He wanted you to come over to try a sample to sell some pastries...

Or he fell in love at first sight and wanted your phone number.

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You should've approach at the moment like "excuse me is there any problem cause i felt like you're pointing at me somehow"

Due reasons you didn't, and later on, it made your mind busy, but i suggest you to not think about it anymore, it doesn't fix anything! There's more than a few possibilities, it could be anything! (you received some good thoughts) but even maybe you just thought it's related to you! While it wan't,  maybe someone were behind you or anything common! Even if you get your answer, probably you won't find that guy again! So the best suggest i can give is to forget it and keep enjoying life.

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SuperFly Original
Yeap.. we all have one incident or another that we took too far or for too long.
Matt Radiance
Matt Radiance commented
Agreed! the experience is there almost for everybody! we just need to learn the lessons of it's results!
Anneof Green
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You should have seen his face when I went and confronted him with my friend. She started shaking uncontrollably because he knew what he did was wrong.
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It could be worse, you could of walked past a building site and had a bunch of blokes woof whistle and shout out "Alright darling!" whilst wearing their jeans so low that they have more crack on show than a drug dealer. Honestly,  it'll  put you off your sausage roll that you bought from the pastry man with weird arms, who's sounding more attractive by the second...let's face least HE has pastries.

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Such people are part entertainers by nature.

I'm sure he does such things frequently during the time he is out there selling.

Plus, some people will think it funny, pause, and decide to come over to look and perhaps buy from him.

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