I have a crush on this boy in my grade, and I am discovering some weird ways that he acts. For example, he turns his neck and looks at me although he sits right in front of me, and I see him blush a lot. Do you think he likes me?


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See if he's not looking at the girl behind you......then if he doesn't......he likes you!

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Yeah, if a boy is acting weird around you - then 9 out of 10 times it's because he has a crush on you.

Or even if it's not a full on crush, he probably finds you hot enough to make him act nervous or strange.

Obviously, there's only one way to find out for sure if he likes you... Ask his best friends.

Asking him directly would be a terrible mistake. If it turns out he was just being weird, then it'd be embarrassing.

Asking one of his best friends is a good option because if he finds out, you can still pretend it's all part of some elaborate hoax.

If you can trust someone enough, you might also want to ask one of your girl friends to ask one of his friends, thus reducing the amount of exposure you risk putting yourself at.

Also, have a good think about whether you actually like this guy or not. It can be flattering to have someone checking you out, but he sounds a little weird with this whole staring and neck thingy... Maybe you should think about moving seats next class instead?

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It sounds like he's crushing on you. Why else would he act so strangely?

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