Is It Wise To Send A Valentines Card Saying, ''I Love You'' To A Girl Who Already Has A Boyfriend?


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I guess the answer to this question really comes down to context. If you think that sending her the card will cause trouble, then I'd probably stay away.If it's just a harmless gesture, then I'd say go ahead!

Sending a Valentine's card to someone that has a boyfriend

Valentines Day is meant to be fun and light-hearted.
I remember when I was still at school (many years ago), everyone in my class would exchange Valentines cards.

At the end of the day, the girls in my class would compare how many cards they'd each received.
In this context, a Valentine's card was just a bit of fun. Yes, there was a bit of flirting going on, but no-one seemed to read into it too much.

On the other hand, if you think that giving a card to a girl might cause problems, I'd suggest you do the honorable thing and give the card to someone else.

Inappropriate Valentine's cards

There are a number of scenarios that I can think of where giving a card to a girl might cause more problems than it's worth:

  • If she has a boyfriend, he might get jealous- and this can lead to all sorts of problems
  • It may also make the girl in question feel awkward or guilty
No-one will understand the situation as well as you do, so really the decision is up to you!
If you have feelings for a girl who has a boyfriend, this is a whole separate issue. I'd recommend talking to her, rather than using a card, if this is the case.
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It's probably not very wise but hundreds of people do it.

Valentine's Day is a time when sometimes we do silly things because we know the person we send the card to probably won't know who we are.

Sending the card in itself isn't doing any harm if you like the girl, but it could cause a lot of friction between the girl and her boyfriend if he finds out about it.

On the other hand some men are really pleased if they think other men admire their girlfriends - he might just laugh at it.

This girl you like might decide not to tell her boyfriend that she received a card but if they live together that's more of a problem.

If you know each other well, she might guess that you've sent it.

And if you know her boyfriend he might think that you're trying to take his place in her affections.

So no it's probably not a wise thing to do - but when were people in love ever wise?
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I don't think many of us would be anything but flattered if we received one, and it's a day for fun too.If anyone is Welsh or wants to follow an old Welsh tradition, Santes Dwynwen, or St. Dwynwen's day is the Welsh Valentines day celebrated on 25 January!

Good Luck
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It doesn't matter if the girl has got a boyfriend, because on Valentine's Day you are going to express your feelings. It has nothing to do with the girl's boyfriend.
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It doesn`t matter if you are dating her or not.
It's the thought that counts.
If she doesn`t like it, her loss.
She doesn`t have to know the truth and can forget about it.
If you feel awkward, you could tell her that you know she is dating someone, but you just wanted her to know the truth.
And if anything happens, apologize and move on.
Love is not the only happiness though - you have to be happy to have happiness.

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