What Do Boys Like As A Birthday Gift?


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Obviously it depends on the personality of the person that you are buying the gift for. Choosing a fantastic birthday gift for anybody can be difficult, but if you consider some of the typical male gifts that are popular then you're sure to avoid going wrong. Personalized game sets are amongst the many popular gifts that are given to boys these days. A popular Cosmopolitan.com article says that giving your boyfriend or husband a personalized poker set is a fantastic gift idea which will allow him to enjoy his poker game with friends that little bit more. This shows your boyfriend or husband that you know what is important to him, and you know him well. Using this approach and some creativity, you can create a great personalized game set that is sure to make him happy.

A TV sports package is obviously a great option, too. If your boy is a sports fan, then you could surprise him on his birthday with a year-long subscription to a television sports package. This is great for him and the rest of the family as it lets everybody watch their favorite teams play their favorite sport. It's also a fantastic gift that can be used in his games room or television room, and will yet again make your man know that you understand what is important to him.

Remember though, whilst these gifts are universally popular there's nothing wrong with doing something more romantic. You could take in mind some of your man's hobbies and interests and make a romantic date that revolves around that hobby. You could even just book a vacation for you and him to celebrate his birthday. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it comes from the heart and you can be sure that your man will love the present that you buy him.

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I was going to say money but how about games for Nintendo's or music CD's.  Neither is really expensive.  I know my 12 yr old loves music CD's.  Or, is there a particular hobby or interest.
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If this boy has an “IPod” then I highly recommend getting him a “ITune” gift card.  This is for downloads from the internet for his IPod.  Most grocery stores carry gift cards from many stores.  If he doesn’t have the IPod then get him a gift card for Best Buy or Barnes & Noble.  You can spend as much as you want but $15.00 to $20.00 is the norm.
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Don't know if it will help but, my son is 9 and here is his list
playstation 3 plus games
x box 360 plus games
wii plus games
wrestling figures
a robot
a remote control car
gift cards to walmart  
needless to say he thinks I'm rich but hey who knows maybe I'll get lucky and win the lottery. Happy holidays
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Well, you should tell your friend to ask casually what he likes most and what he doesn't like.  "what he likes most" is for her to get an idea of getting the right thing in the right category.  "What he hates/what he doesn't like" is for her to get an idea of something NOT to buy in a certain category.  But the best gift, if you really don't know, is to get him a picture frame with a picture of both of you in it.  It may not be as special, but it's a gift.  You don't have to get him something special.  I don't think guys really care about how special and cool the gift is.  I think they care about whether their girl means to give it to them because it was their idea, or if their girl only gave it to them because he likes it.
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My boy thinks its cute when I make him something and give it to him like out of construction paper and glue or I'll take him to foot locker and buy him shoes or something like that or we'll get together and make shirts that say (his says) "I'm with ever forever" hahaha its so cute:) oh and they like sex and lingerie but mine knows he has to wait
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i recently bought this pint glass for my boyfriends 21st and he loved it, it holds 2 and half pints of beer and has a personal message on it. Also year before I bought him tickets to his favourite football game and he was over the moon :)

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If you don't want to fall into the typical "music, clothes or video games" do what I did last year.  I got my kid a remote control car from this website called Amazing RC Store in Canada. If you are not in Canada you might be able to find other places too but you get the idea. It was great because he loved it and it helped him make new friends and stopped him from being all day inside looking at a screen (this generation!) now he goes outside everyday to play with his RC car. I have to admit im pretty proud of myself for coming up with that idea lol

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My friends like poker cards so much in fact when we get time we start playing poker. I am thinking to present a deck of cards for my friends birthday. I have also selected which cards should I give.

Game Party playing cards designed to be handy, crafted to be classy I have joined with them to get bonus.

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My friends like poker cards so much in fact when we get time we start
playing poker. I am thinking to present a deck of cards for my friends
birthday. I have also selected which cards should I give.

Game Party playing cards designed to be handy, crafted to be classy I have joined with them to get bonus.

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How about getting him a copy of his favorite movie.....how about doing the reverse and taking him out for a movie and some fast food/dinner all on you/her...:)
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I think you should take him out and give him some fun time and take him out to some place nice and romantic
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When I was 15 I begged for a drumkit, I got a bottle of buckfast however and it was a turning point in my awesome life.
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Electronics such as gameboy,Ipods,leap pad for learning,playstation etc. You can now buy educational games for the playstation....hope this will help you in your decison somewhat
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I was think of a watch but since it's a little too expensive, you guys should try buying him a shirt. Which he can wear anywhere he goes.. And who knows, one day, he might wear it to school =PP
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Depends on what he's into. Most guys his age are into sports [football, baseball, basketball], music and GIRLS. Something you could do is let him and his friends go out to dinner/gaming, but just chauffeur them around. Another thing you could do is set a party plan out for him -- a theme he likes. Let him and his friends goof around and be guys. There is also ASKING him what he'd like for his birthday, see what he says. It doesn't have to be unique; it can be a combination between something "mom wanted to get him" and something "he really, really wanted." :P My brother is fourteen and a video game addict. We don't fight for what he wants. We just ask him, maybe get him something... Special... And then give him cash to blow. Gift cards aren't as nice as the cash. XD
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Know his favorites and try to buy some of those...
Or you could ask him our...
Or give him a cute shirt with his favorite style and color...
Or just greet him sweetly...
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When I was 15 my gift was an cool electric guitar, I still loves it and I upgrated that. I study myself and I'm expert of it. If you want to gift something related to music, buy a keyboard.
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At that age you shoud get him a cell phone or a phoose ball table if nessesery. Mabe a basketball hoop.
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find out his fave food, and cook him a great meal, then for a gift, if he likes video games, dvd's or cd's find out which ones he does not have but would like to have. And go from there.  If he is into to sports, or has a favorite team, maybe a jersey etc would be good, or if he likes clothes try that, or if he collects something etc.
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Thanks but we want to give him something unique!
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Remember you c an present the gift in a unique way, too and ,make it special. And believe it or not, many guys like flowers. My late husband once mentioned that he wouldn't mind if Isen't HIM flowers as a surprise. There are also cookie bouquets and such why don't you go to the mall and look for ideas, or check the yellow pages, ask around (ask a grown up maybe they had the same issue too) remember, don't make it too funky, make sure he knows the gift is very much thought out and is from your heart, not just your head. Sometimes the simplest, even handmade gifts mean the most
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My husband, too, likes (plants & some) flowers, for ex. he commented on & I bought him a yellow orchid (hard to find). We have a greenhouse and he spends hours there in the warmest 8 mos of the year, shoulda been a gardener.
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Boys must like thing about COMPUTER and High-tech.

How about using their photo collections to make a photo mosaic?
It means they can use some interesting photos as the cell photo,such as the place they went together or the things they both like, to make a large pircture.

Its really sweet and special. I have done this to my friend and it works great.I find the site for here. You can take a look at some samples and get a software from Here. Good luck!
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If the boy is into guns DO NOT BUY HIM ONE!!!
Instead buy him a bebe gun. Or if he already has one give him the ammunition.
I did this and he really liked it : )

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