What Kind Of A Boy Do All Girls Like?


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It depends on the maturity of the girl. A girl who is mature and intelligent will look beyond the appearance of a boy (man). She will look beyond his finances. She will beyond his sports ability. She will look for the man (boy) who is intelligent, caring, successful (whether it is in school or in work). That is if a girl (or woman) is smart). Otherwise, she may be fooled into wasting her time on a person who cares more for his outward appearances than he does for another person. Of course, it is nice if you can find it all in one person, all tied up neatly with a big red bow so that you do not miss this one in a million person. Unfortunately, that is generally not what happens. Nobody is prefect. Everyone has their flaws in one fashion or another. The best thing you can do, young man, to impress a young lady, is to be a good listener, be a good friend, be a person that is pleasant to be with, be helpful and show a genuine concern for other people. You may not have the most expensive clothes in the world but they can be clean and neat. Your car may not be new but it can be shiny clean. You may not be the best in sports but you can certainly be the a friend to all who know you. Your time for romance will come. Don't worry about what the other boys say or do. Some boys have been known to lie about their romance accomplishments to look good. Be yourself and you will find the right person for you. Personally, I think you are well on your way. You have already shown a concern about what will make a good impression on a girl. That speaks well of you.
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Here's a simple answer. Women seem to respond well to a confident man. Someone who seems to walk into a room and command the respect he deserves without even speaking a word. Look into the body language of a confident man too. You'll learn a lot.
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Hot guys
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This question is impossible to answer because not all women are the same so not all of them like the same type of guy.

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