Boys what kind of dresses do you think girls look their hottest in? (my friend said boob tubed with push up bra, a bit short and tight). What do you think boys?


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I know that you are asking boys what they're opinions are about this and I'm not a boy. But honestly, why should you care what boys think is the hottest dress for a girl to wear? I know that you're trying to get guys to like you or take you out, but dressing hot and sexy is just going to make people objectify you instead of liking you for who you are. It will usually draw in people who are only interested in your body rather than your personality. They would rather have your "sexy hot" self and could care less about who you actually are. I know this because of experience and trust me, it gets old really quick once you realize that they only like you for your body. Why does it get old? Because you are more than an object! You are an actual human being with desires and thoughts! And if you're only valued for being an object rather than a living thing, you honestly won't feel happy in the long run.

So if you want to attract people who are worthwhile and would appreciate you for who you are rather than what you look like, then stop dressing for them and start dressing for you. Dress up in something that will make you happy and comfortable rather than what will please guys. And if what you like to wear happens to be considered as hot towards some guys, then that's great! If not, then that's fine too! Of course it's not bad to wear something sexy, just as long as it's because you like how you dress and not because you're trying to impress someone. Often times, dressing to impress guys doesn't really work or it works in a way that you may not want it to (like attracting shallow guys who only care about your looks).

That being said, don't change your style for anyone but yourself. And if you want to dress to impress, do it for someone who already loves your style and who you are. I know that media keeps telling girls that they need to look hot or whatever to get a guy. Honestly that's just stupid. You shouldn't need to change your entire appearance to get a guy because he won't like you for you. Also why is it such a big deal to get a guy? Media emphasizes that your self worth is defined by if you're in a relationship or not. That's ridiculous! I know great people who are single or in a relationship as well as not-so-great people who are single or in a relationship. In other words, their relationship status honestly doesn't matter to what kind of a person you are.

So as much as you want to get a guy to like you and as much as you want to get their attention, dressing up hot and sexy won't get you the results you want. Feel free to disagree with me, but this is what I've learned thus far in life. The only person you truly need to please is yourself.

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I couldn' t care less about the clothes, the eyes are what make me like them girls(although I already have one she has the most spectacular eyes) also her personality. I got in trouble in school. By accident the teacher thought I threw a pencil but I accidently flicked it then my girlfriend said she threw it she saved my life.

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