My Boy Friend And Me Had A Misunderstanding.. So He Is Angry With Me And Said To Break Up Our Love Relationship What Should I Do?


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You can not change a Boy's mind, but you maybe able to change a Man.  Forget him and move on, trust me, it may hurt now, but it does get better as time goes on.  You are very young and there is a real good man, just waiting for you around the next corner.  Take care.
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Well it seems like you really maked a huge mistake sometimes even if our friends  are been there for ever or they seems to be a really good friends there are things that you can  only tell to one person you really trust like he did to you so even if he forgives you nothing will be the same thing becouse he wont ever trust a personal thing to you again...
So let me ask you " Whats the reason to have a girlfriend that you can't trust" so just try to apologized to him anyways  and let him go, if he does back to you don't let him down again.

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