Love Issue in Relationship? Hello Folks!! I am VoVonda Dejesus. You can call me DJ. I am new here. I have love issue. Please anyone can solve? me and my boy friend we are in relationship for last 2 years. Everything is going fine and i have not any complaint but suudenly he changed. He shout at me sometime abused me. I dont know what happned to him. Please help me what should i do .


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Zero tolerance for abusive relationships. If he cannot speak about his problems, or deal with his emotions in a non abusive manner then leave. He is meant to love you, not abuse you. Best thing you can do for him and yourself is to tell him, "I'm not putting up with this, you sort yourself out, or this relationship is over." At least this will show him that you have boundaries and self respect, because at the moment he isn't treating you with respect. 

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Just based on what you wrote he has undergone a major unexpected change. Something has happened to him you are not aware of. If he fails to confide in you yes it is time to move on. Life is too short for all the uneeded drama.

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Well .. I can't say what has transpired to 'change' his behaviour. THAT could be attributed to many things .. Hormones, pressure and stress, emotional damage .. You name it.

What I can tell you is .. If you enable it .. "IT" will continue.  Perhaps it's time to part company. Abusive behaviour is a deal breaker.

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Set yourself certain boundaries. Talk to him respectfully but with serious tone and very briefly. Express your displeasure. If he understood and made it right. Fine, if he did not. Then you must move on. You shouldn't sacrifice your life for such a person who can't put his emotions together.

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First, you need to face a cold truth: Disregarding danger signs in a relationship is like ignoring the warning signals on your car’s dashboard. The problem will not go away; likely it will only get worse. If it seems safe to do so, arrange to talk to your boyfriend about it. Calmly tell him how his behavior makes you feel. Be specific about why you were offended. Set clear limits regarding what you will not tolerate. Then watch how he react! If he brush your thoughts aside or respond with even more angry speech, this is a clear signal that he is unwilling to change. Demeaning words—even if they are delivered calmly, quietly or outburst—have no place in a loving relationship. A person with little self-control is hardly ready for dating. In the final analysis, you have to decide if his flaws are ones that you can live with happily.

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

I probably could come up with hundreds of guesses here why a guy changes 180 degrees all of a sudden  but wont speculate. The thing here is he has and you don't need his abuse, nor do you deserve it at all. Now you have to decide that in this time of your life, are you better off with or without him in it, but most of stop taking any abuse from him. So maybe time has come to just move on beyond him and find someone that will treat you as the Princess you are  and maybe in the meantime, he will come to his senses and grow up and figure out what he is losing here.  Happy Thanksgiving and good luck

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