I know everything about him. He knows everything about me. He is funny smart and good looking. We are super close and I'm i think I'm in love with him... He's also my teacher.... Please help?


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He is so kind and has helped me through a lot.  He talks to me about all his problems as I do the same with him.  All my friends say he ugly but I don't think he is.  I know this might sound crazy but I think im in love with my teacher.  He's always in my head...  He keeps me up at night and I get butterflies when I think See or talk to him.  He's 20 years older then me but that dosnt bother me....  What should I do....  How do I get him out of my head?

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If you don't want to help then don't answer my questions... Keep scrolling don't even read it I don't care
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How are these stupid questions. I'm depressed and I think of bad things a lot. Finally when someone that brightens my day with just a simple hello... Someone that understands me and listens. Someonw I can trust with everything comes in to my life society has told me no. Society has made up rules that aren't allowing me to do what I need to do to be happy..... Now im sorry if that offends you but I just need some help.... Not bulling.... People at school do that enough as it is for me... Just some genuine help from someone who understands
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I didn't expect you to understand but you have no right to go around saying what or what isn't going in in my life. You aren't me your not involved in my life you don't know anything about me. So don't you dare come on here and tell me that I'm not feeling what I am feeling cause I think of all the people here I would know the best
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There's nothing wrong with dating an older man. I assumed you're still very young, make sure you don't waste your youth life with the wrong man or wrong people in general. Make sure you see enough boys in your age, or even below your age.

My only thing when somebody dates an older somebody, either the younger somebody is smart enough to catch up with the older somebody or the older somebody is less than smart enough to date a younger somebody.

Personally speaking, I would date anyone around my age because its more fun to learn something together and get lost somewhere together. An older somebody might be the dominant of the relationship and I hate being controlled.

Try to busy up yourself, join student organization, learn new language, study musical instrument, or even hang out more with your age.

Good luck for you!

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Why do you keep trolling with variations of the same question?

We've heard so much of your fantasy about your teacher that it's wearing a bit thin. Give it a break.

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Someone who understands and isn't just judging me and calling me names.

My life has enough complications without all of you cyber bullying me aswell
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Bull dust. You're trying to get somebody to tell you it's OK to be romantically involved with your teacher. Get real.
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No. I know that's not right. I know he can lose his job and much more for that. I'm trying to do the right thing here and try to help myself out of this situation but I didn't know how so I came here forever help....
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You already know this is wildly wrong and impossible, but I'm willing to reinforce that knowledge if you need to hear it again.

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I know but I can't help what I'm feeling... That's why im asking for help.... Help to get him out of my head..... Help from someone who understands
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Try doing something useful, like volunteering at a local nursing home.
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You are experiencing a crush ... That's not "love" .  Sure it may seem like love to you, but it's not. I don't mean to sound dismissive .. But the truth is, it's not what you have lead yourself to believe. It's nothing new for a troubled youngster like yourself  to find someone to focus their attention on as a means to escape their real life troubles .. And for the most part it's even harmless enough .. As long as it is not being acted upon and nothing innapropriate is going on.

You need focus .. Other focus to move on from this .. Get involved with other activities that can help you fill your time and make you feel good about yourself . This "thing" with your teacher will pass .. And hopefully you will be able to find traction in your life to move forward and find your true calling.  Good luck!

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You DON'T know everything about each other. You THINK you're in love with him? I can pretty much guarantee you aren't. I highly doubt you've gotten to know your teacher THAT well. Hey, when you're in love, you'll know, believe me.

You want help? Here's my sound advice---back off.

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