I like this boy but unfortunately i'm not his type at all, he likes that type of girl that's polite and talk softly but I'm more that kind of girl that's rude and curses a lot. Should I change the way I am so that he can like me back?


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PJ Stein answered

The only reason to change is because you are not happy with yourself, not because someone else thinks you should be different.

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Lily Watson answered

If you like a guy, show it. But never change the way you are for someone. And just try and get to know them. If you feel like you really do need to change the way you are then maybe just little changes. But the  way that you are saying bout changing that's like changing all of you. Everyone is different but don't try and change to be like someone thing other than you. I like this guy and he's my type we are the same. All I changed about my self was the way I dressed. But don't change your personality and all that. If no one was unique then everyone would be the same. And just approach him. Try and get to know him. If he doesn't like you for the way you are then move on.  Find someone who likes you for the way you look and the way you act. Hope I helped.

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Luke Reine answered

I have a simple answer... Don't change for anyone...

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You should only change if you feel that you don't want anyone to get the wrong impression from the way you curse and are rude, not this boy in particular.

People do judge you by the way you act so I'm wondering if you're happy with the boys you do attract.  By the way why are you rude and why do you curse? Is it to attract attention of any kind?

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