What kind of girls do most guys like?


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Dan Levington answered
One's just like you :)
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Mandy Clark
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Awww thanks:) idk when I got this answer. Blurtit isn't sending me alerts for like anything anymore!
Arun Bera
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I told him to say this answer and i am feeling good mandy u like it! Lol
katherine dee
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KrazyOffic XD answered
I agree with Ihab , every guy seeks different , but for me I'm not too fussy at all , as long as she can make me smile thats good enough , you see you get the really young guys who look at the girls body before whats inside they wouldnt touch you unless you had the figure , and then you get the guys tht don't really care about anythin and jus want fun ., and then theres those devoted guys that want a real relationship and a great girl :)
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ana nunes
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I agree with krazyoffic xd every guy lieks a diffrent girl it like u likeing a type of food every one likes diffrent food . Xx
KrazyOffic XD
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Haha food ye great comparison! :)
Arun Bera
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Well explain buddy!
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Ihab Marzouk answered
Not all guys like the same kind of girls, there's a group who prefers the shy and innocent-looking types, and there are guys who like this kind of exciting and outgoing personality girl. Don't worry Mandy, there must be a guy out there who's just looking a girl your type, which is the very you.
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Nick Thamas answered
Ones that can be loyal and don't make the guy jealous in anyway. A guy likes a girl that is comfortable to tell the guy what they like and be comfortable to be themselves.
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Ryan Viola answered

Choice differs from person to person and every person has their own opinion and get judgemental on that.

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Janey answered
Cool trendy and stylish girls who work out, keep fit and look after themselves and maybe play some sports as well.Any guys I know seem to like sports playing girls.
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Arun Bera answered
I don't know about girls becz I don't flirt with girls, I am a shy boy who never speak with girls, girls are trouble and shopping to much, you know my past days here, I never talking with any girls becz I am a very cute good boy! I think girls should leave this planet earth becz they don't have heart and feelings... GIRLS R CRAZY!
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Right, so you're not asking Mandy to follow you ? !
KrazyOffic XD
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Girls dont have heart and feelings? ..so why would they cry? Unless you have a resonable explanation for that my lad.

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