What Type Of Body Do Boys Like In Girls?


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I am Life..... answered
It completely depends up on the personal preferences of men, everyone has a different likings and expectations...... Some like skinny girls and some like a little chubby ones, but what a true man looks for in a woman is a heart of gold that can absorb him without any doubts, trust and belongingness......

Without all these attributes no woman, no matter how hot she is, is incomplete and will only be good for one thing and that's Sex.....

Same goes for a man as well, proper understanding is always a must......
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I prefer the nice curvy variety. Have you ever heard the song Chantilly Lace
sung by the Big Bopper ? Some of the words were "a giggle when you talk,
and a wiggle when you walk, makes the world go round round round"
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I wouldn't worry about it because it is your mind that matters, not your body. Girls worry about boys and who is popular with the boys and why they are popular. But eventually, you figure out that it just doesn't matter because when you grow up, you see that some of those very same boys are losers. The girls, on the other hand, can get great educations and fabulous jobs - and trust me - the guys will be much more interested in you if you are successful than if you had a great body. I have worked as a journalist, a firefighter, a fire inspector and a building inspector - I was married for 13 years (ultimately, he was a loser) and since divorced - and I'm sure I could have achieved much more if I didn't put so much time and energy into worrying about boys then or guys later on (and when I think of all the jerks that I wasted time on like they were guys who were so important to my life - wow!). And as a woman, I put up with a bunch of grief from guys on the job because the type of jobs I have had are dominated by men. Now I don't concern myself with what guys think I look like, I am writing a book that will be published in June 2010 instead of concerning myself with guys, so now I'm an author too. You should only worry about your body because of how it affects your health and agility - so stay fit and worry about yourself - not about what some boys think, they'll only drag you down and prevent you from focusing on success. Ignore the junk you see on TV that makes you think you should be involved in some great romance, it is a bunch of bull. Once you become a success, you can concentrate on making romance a success. And I don't want you thinking I'm an old broad and don't know what I'm talking about because I've been there, done that - and I've even got the tee shirt to prove it!
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Um some do and some don't. I really don't know
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All guys are different
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Boys love girls.coz their are sensitive looking in my case I love to see only a homely indian girl

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