Why do girls like "bad boys"?


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It's like a moth to the flame basically - they're attracted to the danger or the thrill of "forbidden love" and the rush they get by being with someone unconventional, unpredictable and plain bad!
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Hopefully Blurtits best of Blurtits good bad girls will come on and answer you as she can tell it like no other can. Hopefully Janey will see this and shes bad to the bone and the best of the good on here
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Tony Newcastle
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Artur Wright: I note that that is the second day in a row where you have avoided answering a question.
Tony Newcastle
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Bryanna Deadman: Can you please give me your exact definition of "bad"? When Michael Jackson made his album "Bad" in 1983, was he in fact "bad" --or otherwise??
leslie sweetcakes
It is something wrong with them they want to be part of that danger and mess
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Bad boys are sexy :-) I don't no y lol
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Arthur Wright
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Bad boys represent what good girls arent allowed to be; dangerous, uncaring, risk taking, dont deal well with authority, and this is a turn on for most girls but these are the guys who get girls in trouble too,
leslie sweetcakes
They will be in the mess they ask for
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Might be their "bad boy" charm, but it could also be because women tend to be attracted to older men and vice versa.

Either way, there are better people and limiting yourself to just one guy, because you think it's cool or whatever is not very good basis to start a relationship. (I say this as a general statement).
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Moo C.
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At least the ones that are longer then these two... Oh well you should complain to blurtit.
Arthur Wright
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I have but no good
leslie sweetcakes
Independence doesn't have anything to do with this mess, girls make will these low-down or down-low boys
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How do you identify a boy is a "Bad boys",
Smoking drinking gambling fight?Even this can not be considered "Bad boys", LOL
Of course, compared to the honest boy, "Bad boys" to better capture the hearts of girls.
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Tony Newcastle
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You're right.
All bad boys should be rounded up and put on trial in front of an all-female Jury and a female Judge, like such as Judge Judy.
leslie sweetcakes
They sould be in jail for muder
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I LOVE bad boys!!!


1. Cause they're the cool dudes in class

2. Cause they're not scared of anything

3. Cause mainly I'm a bad girl too????


In my class theres 2 bad boys, I like one of them, and by bad boys I mean he doesn't care for getting into trouble in class. He just says funny stuff in the middle of silence like 'awkard silence....' and everyone bursts out laughing, but he gets in trouble and just rolls his eyes at teacher :*

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Bad boys are sexy and that turns girls on I guess.

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They want to be bad and have someone to blame it on.  Been there done that and if it doesn't work out, which it rarely does, it hurts BAD!
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Bad Boys was made into a movie and there followed a sequel Bad Boyz II. Alexandra Burke recorded a track called Bad Boys, and Duran Duran recorded a track titled Wild Boys. --That should be enough to be going on with.....
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I've been asking myself that for....forever. I don't get it!!! Bad boys once were cute and innocent just like everyone else so I don't get why they think they're 'bad.' I guess girls like guys who take risks. Idk I don't like bad boys lol:)

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