What do guys like more shy girls, active girls, or preppy girls? What do girls like more shy guys, active guys, or funny guys?


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Mandy Clark Profile
Mandy Clark answered
I like funny shy guys:) usually. But most of the active guys at my school are jerks and the only nice ones tend to be shy so yeah:) but I got to have a good sense of humor!!
Eunice Kwarteng Profile
Eunice Kwarteng answered
It all depends on the person's interests, but personally for me, I like active and funny guys. They also have to be nice
Jett Lawrence Profile
Jett Lawrence answered
Just to have a nice personality and active, nice smile, and not one that wears loads of make up and dresses like a slut. Instant turn off to me, for all I care she could be without make up I wouldn't mind (unless you know she's like golem from lord of the rings) but mostly one that makes the first moves, I'm too considerate to make the first move or be pushy in anyway and most other shy guys are.
Kk polly Profile
Kk polly answered

I like guys that can either make me laugh even though they aren't funny. Like they don't try and tell jokes, but they just know how to make me laugh. Also sweet guys who pay attention to me, and make me not feel invisible.

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