Do boys like shy girls or mean girls better?


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It really dependes on the guy.  But in the end the mean girls will always burn someone. Just be you... Dont care what type of girls guys like.  Cause it is different for everyone.

Shy girls are the ones who smile the brightest and are usually nicer cause they dont like drama like everyone else.

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Boys like shy girls better but tend to go for mean girls because mean girls are easy. Mean girls usually aren't really as mean as they act. Mean girls are just worried about what everyone thinks about them so they pretend something they aren't to get attenion.

At your age you should focus on getting a friend that's a boy rather than a boyfriend. Kisses and hugs are silly unless you really deeply love a person. Loving someone doesn't come from meeting a boy you can "title" as your boyfriend. Love comes from actually knowing someone as a person and respecting them as a part of your life.

If you wan't to attract boys to gain "popular points"... STOP IT!

If you want a boys attention only... STOP IT'!!!

Here is a good question to know if your ready to date,

When you get really upset about something bad. Maybe your best friend ditched you and you have no one to sit with. Maybe you feel like your butt is getting fat. Your mom hit you. Your dad is leaving your mom, etc...

Are you ready for another human being to cry in your shoulder and make you responsible for their happiness?

Relationships aren't what they see in the movies. They are the stepping stones to creating a family.

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