Do Guys Like Good Girls?


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Neha Doiphode answered
Good girl, in all all the things not only in looks but also in over all personality.
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Chris ???? answered
I cannot speak for everyone but I certainly like the ladies who don't skip class. Girls who act civilized are desirable if I have anything to say about it. Ladies who portray themselves as 'bad' aren't always the typical choice for the guys. I suppose the mature guys will desire the ladies who don't act indecent.
Rev. Dr. Charles Rogers Profile
Young men are always looking to "bad" girls that are easy when they are still in that "stupid state," but when they are ready to settle down and get married it is amazing how many of them expect and want to marry a virgin.
Sex before marriage is a major contributor to divorce and a lifetime of sorrow for the girl as she possesses something that only she can save for the man she falls in love with and wants to spend her life with.
Unfortunately, to many young men don't realize the importance of saving their virginity for the woman they will marry.
If you have not given in to the piglets, take my advice and don't - You won't regret it.
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Anonymous answered
I do. Personally I hate it when girls try and act bad or tough. Being nice, or good is about the best attribute a girl can have for me personally, as long I know that she was honest and faithful that would be all I need. Generally I think guys like portray that having a bad 'easy' girl is what they want, but in truth I think most would be intimidated if that were really the case. So yea to answer your question I reckon they do. At least I do, although no one likes an ABSOLUTE saint, right? Right?
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maya gogo answered
Yes men love good girls and also boys if he need a serious relationship it will be glad for him to find girl good that makes him feel broad of himself and the relationship that he had
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Mike answered
I would look for a girl that is understanding and nice, but can also hurt someone if she needs to do it. 
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Richard Lam answered
Yes also a good personality
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Sometimes I ask myself the same question.. I'm waiting for the perfect guy to show up. So much I'm 16 and haven't even had my first kiss...

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