Do guys think shy girls are to innocent to love?


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Dan Levington Profile
Dan Levington answered
Not at all, shy girls have an endearing quality which a lot of guys find attractive:))
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Nope, it may not be as easy to find someone but there really is someone out here for everyone and with the onset of the gay movement, there may be morte of a surplus of guys than ever before unless they are all walking the wrong side of the street
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Tiffany Davis
Tiffany Davis commented
What do you mean? What does morte and surplus mean and what does gay guys have to do with this? O_0
Arthur Wright
Arthur Wright commented
With more girls going lesbian, there should be more guys unattached unless theyve gone gay and it was supposed to be more of a suplus of guys
Janey Profile
Janey answered
Nope as some guys find that attractive and appealing in a girl,while some shallow user types would find that a challenge.

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