Why can't some people find love, but others can?


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Really there is no answer love can not really be found it can be seen but not found you can say you love someone but it will just hurt in the end
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Because the ones who can not find love end up looking and the ones who do not look end up having love.
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Love is never a search... People who "found" love never desperately looked for love... Love came naturally to them... Others who cannot "find" love are expecting way too much... First, they need to love themselves before offering their companionship... Second, they need to relax. And third, they need to focus on their career, health, and or interest.

You can't go out and start "looking" for love when love has a time and moment placed by God. Or if you want to, start doing the "law of attraction" theory... It has worked... The law of attraction is simply like what I've been saying... Once you are happy with yourself people will automatically want to be with you. Yes, you become a magnet... So, you'll have plenty of choices. =)
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@Betty This is the best answer. :) It's so true what you say about the law of attraction, there's this dvd out called "The Secret" which is all about how you think and how others sense what you perceive about yourself. I think the best thing you can do is trust in God (if you believe) that He will bring this person to you. All you have to do is relax and be yourself, and someone will be attracted to that. ;p
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Love is love.  And hard to find.  As far as romantic love true love remains for many few and far btween.  Romantic love is tricky because everyone has their own odea of what love should be.  If a relationship strays from what we exect we. Bale. 
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I've recently wrote a song (please don't steal the lyrics)

Love never fails
We only fail love
And give love a chances
Cause it gives chances to us
Oh love never fails

Hope that makes sense cause it does to me :3
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Because most of the time its infatuation more than true love and besides love finds you when its ready
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It is a matter of time, space, and your opportunity in living the love life that intended and meant for you.  Loving yourself is easy and sacred, but having someone to love you for you is hard, I mean really hard not because there is something wrong with you or something that you lack of!  The answer to this question is "love is not meant for some people!"  So, stop wasting time search and search for love from someone else because "you could only be your own true love for life" given that you love yourself healthily, wisely, and courageously!
By Amy LifeStar

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