At what age do you find yourself? Why do people copy other people? Why can' they just be themselves?


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Arthur Wright answered
Because some people can't ever be great so they reinvent themselves to be like someone they follow. I get people doing this to me all the time and I hate when they do as I'm no better than anyone else out here, especially now so yes, I really wish they would be themselves
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Maxine Chan
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That is true:) if they do not know what that means, look in the mirror and see for yourself.
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Georgia Kandila answered
There isn't a specific age that you find yourself it just happens..... And people copy other people because they feel insecure about the way they are and look and they see someone else who they think look and are better than them so the easy thing is to copy them..... And they can't be themselves because they think it's too hard and that people won't like them if they are just the way they are.... They just need to be more confident about themselves that's all

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