Why do people feel like they are better than others?


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Adrian Masters answered
Pridefulness!!  Some believe due to their station in life that makes them better...some believe they r better because of education & the institution they attended...some believe their GPA (a high GPA 3.5+) makes them special & more deserving than others...some believe because of where they live or the car they drive makes them better...some believe they r better because of the type of job they have (CEO/Mgr of a corp vs a trash collector/construction worker), etc..the list can go on forever.  Advice:  B who you r. Accept others for who they r.  Set the example.  Don't sweat the small stuff (others opinions of you).  People who r small minded & often insecure have to find fault w/others so they feel better (superior) about themselves.  These people r to be pitied and prayed for.
Kristin Rodriguez Profile
Cus they think they truly are. People, in my point of view, are selfish, rued, and will do anything to have things their way. I'm don't mean you, or my friends, or anything, but I hate people. They seem all the same to me.... Most do anyway. Their will always be someone who thinks theire "it" and "better" than everyone, when really, their just hurting themselfs.
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Arthur Wright answered
Because as bad as it sounds some are actually better than others. We may all be created alike for most part but what we do with our brains is completely different and true with our bodies too, as we all can't be sports superstars

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