Why Do People Often Hate Themselves?


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Sometimes people have a hard time loving or liking themselves because they did not receive the kind of love and care they needed during their childhood.  We learn everything from our parents and when a parent is not able to show a child love along with discipline, the child does not get the tools needed to love himself.  I like to believe that all parents do their best at raising their children and I am sure it is often a difficult job, but I really do believe that self-hatred and similar problems originate in childhood.
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I think because that person has stuff bundled up inside like ( when some one treated you bad or you feel hated ) then some one makes you mad and you hate them and want to hurt them yeah I confused myself but I hope I helped you
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People are just insecure about themselves.
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Some people have low self-esteem and don't have any friends or companions and they just are insecure
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Because they are insecure with themselves.
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For me my bipolar disorder causes mixed emotions and sometimes a strong dislike for ones life and the way the look. It is also linked to what others say and do that put you on a path of low self-esteem.
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People often hate themselves because they might not have the looks, the body, or the brain  and think because they don't have certain things like these that they`re not good enough and start to hate that then themselves! Then a result could be depression. But they should learn to live with it and accept themselves as who they are!
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It's low self esteem  that will do that to you. I should know . I never really say anything good about my self. I have flaws that I don't like.

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Because there jelaus and all they care about is other people not themselves they think oh I'm so ugly and horrible noone likes me but everyone likes them witch then they hate themselves and get bored of waking up and being the same person do you hate yourself if you do then hopefully this will help you the better noone else can beat you thats what my mum told me
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Well many confused or short tempered people hate.

But people in general, show hatred towards others due to -

- They are jealous.

- They have something against your religion or appearance.

- They dislike (yes hate) you as a person.

- Or there just self centred people / total cock heads.  I hope I helped you.

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