Whom Should I Love More, My Mom Or My Wife?


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One of the hardest questions to answer. A man always loves his mother, after all at one point or another in his life, he realizes that she is the one who invested so much time in him. She fed, clothed, cared for when sick, played, laughed, cried, everything, did all of this investing to see that he would grow to be a good and productive person in society. This is a thing that occurs naturally, provided she wasn't a "Ma Barker" type.
A wife does this to, but she has not done this for the same amount of time that the mother has. There is also a difference in the relationship. You procreate, have children of your own. This changes the dynamics of the relationship so that you feel a lot of the same emotions, but the difference is the intimacy of which you and your wife enjoy together.
This question is one that you will probably never be able to answer, because I think that they are two different kinds of love. Hope this made sense.
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Great advice
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Good advice from tiggersmom, but I want to add to it-- if your mother interferes, is demanding/unreasonable you should stand by your wife. You made a commitment to your wife! But you should always love them both!
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"A man is a son till he takes a wife - then such man is husband and head of his own home for the rest of his life." All kidding aside, I am sure your wedding vows said something about forsaking all others - that meant your mommy too.
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A son should love his mother. A husband should be in-love with his wife. Two very different sets of emotions.
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We human have an unlimited place in our heart for the people around us. Also we love every one in a special can't say which I love more?my mom or my wife.because you love them in two different ways.and also I think your heart has enough space for both of them!!!
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I think its two completely different types of love. My mum, god rest her, would have told me on many occasions that "your wee wife comes first, so look after her," on other occasions my wife would have said, "look after your mum,you only have one," so I never sensed any competition between them,for my affections. My love for my mum is based on the sacrifices she made for me in helping me become a man, whereas, the love for my wife is based on sharing the latter part of my life and bearing my 5 sons. So , I cannot compare them.
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Of course, most of us hold a special place in our hearts for dear old mom...
But it really comes down to this: Do you ever want to get laid?
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Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.
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Your mom is always there for you and will love you even if she sees another man with a nice car and a big wallet.

Your wife is there for you when you get your pay packet and she sees a nice pair of shoes that 'don't cost much' just most of your life savings.

Your wife nags, BUT is always there when you can't be bothered to look after the kids when you want to go down to a footy match.

Also it is annoying when you drive the car to a party and she tells you to drink nothing so you can drive home because she may be drunk, but obviously NOOO, she doesn't touch a drop so you could of got drunk out of your head while she stayed impossibly sober.

Your wife can be good at times, but your mom is ALWAYS there for you whenever or whatever, the only question you can ask in this sort of situation is "Would My Wife Or My Mom Risk There Lives For Me?" And there is your answer.

This may not of helped but it just sums up women.
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The only measure of love is action. You are correct about there being separate types of love, a third would be the love for your child. You should never have too choose one over the other. Although if you are a momma's boy, your wife may want you too cleave unto her. The key is finding a balance. Making your wife feel she is the most, beautiful, sexy good hearted woman, the only. In turn show your mother how much she means too you, how much you appreciate all that she's done. The biggest way too show your love, is to visit, keep her up to date on your life. Without compromising the trust, privacy, and sacredness of your marriage.

If you get angry with one don't bring the other into it. Don't make have hard feelings toward each other. Intetagrate some time with the three of you together.

Maintain balance. Everything in moderation, even moderation. Hope this helps.
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Its the wrong comparison. It's like comparing the love for your child to the love for your wife or the love for your mother vs the love for your father if both raised you and took care of you. The wife should be the one you should focus on as far as what she has to say in the course of your home together. The mother is the one to nurture OUTSIDE of your home with your wife. You do not have to choose one for the other as your mother should see your wife as a new daughter and your wife regard her as a second mom. Decisions of YOUR home together should be based on the couple. The mother may provide welcomed advice only.
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There is no such question as who should you love more. Your mom is your mom forever, so that love should be regardless. Your wife is someone you made vows to and should love her accordingly. It's time to take a step forward, your mom has raised you, now you have a wife it's time to move forward with her, tell them you love them the same because love is unchanging,but you love them in different ways.
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Hey, Love for your 'mom' and love for your wife are two in-comparable types of love, they are different; you cannot love one more than the other, but if you must - i would say you should love your 'mom' more

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I think it's 2 completely different kinds of love. If it becomes a contest so to speak with the two... go with the wife! haha. That is not a bad problem to have my friend.
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Well of course you should love your mother more but in all honesty that';s a whole different type of love from the love that you should have for your wife. They cannot be compared- ever! They're totally different/
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You CHOSE to mary her, you didnt CHOOSE you mama. Duhhhh
OR maybe you should love them the same...
Take that into CONSIDERATION.
You married your wife not your MAMA...
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Your Mum! After all wives come and go but Mum is always there, never judges you, loves you despite the fact that you leave the loo seat up and squeeze the toothpaste from the middle of the tube, doesn't spend half your salary on shoes and is the best cook!

Hope that helps.

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