i love my wife but i have been feeling that something isnt right. I mentioned this to her and she had no response. What should i think or do to know why i feel this way?


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Isn't right with her or with you? Either way if you can go somewhere for a weekend getaway just the two of you. Maybe you just need some time alone together without the daily "stuff" to reconnect. It doesn't have to be an extravagant thing. If you enjoy camping, you can do that. Or if there a someplace within a short drive you can do that. 

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There are a few schools of thought at times like these.  The truth is, there is no way to determine exactly what is happening without discussing it with your partner. 

Most often when this happens, partners may suspect there is something 'nasty' going on .. Sadly, that seems to be the 1st impression.  Well .. Yes, it can happen .. But .. It's not the ONLY thing that 'can' happen.

Believe it or not .. Many couples experience feelings of melancholy in their relationships from time to time .. It is confusing but does not mean that there is something wrong .. It happens.  Life is complicated .. And it's hard to keep up sometimes.  When this happens, it doesn't mean either of you are 'falling out of love' .. It just means you're human.

Problem is .. Far too often people misread this 'feeling' and think their relationship is over .. It can affect how both partners act and react and even make decisions.  We as humans, often base our decision making processes around how we 'feel' .. THIS is a time, when that may be a mistake.  Don't under estimate the strength in your relationship .. And  don't make any relationship decisions prematurely. Wait it out .. Communicate your feelings and insecurities with your partner .. And work it out.  THIS period will pass, and you will move forward knowing that your relationship CAN survive those confusing times and moments of doubt.

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I LOVE THAT LINE! "dont underestimate the strength of your relationship." Star!
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Thanks .. I think it is a very important component of any relationship. Too many commited relationships go south because of this exact scenario. All because people have no faith in their commitments.
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Because your wife has been seeing me. He he

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