If i feel like my wife is up to something but unsure what excatly. Am i causing her to feel differently by saying to her how i think something isnt right. Not accusing just stating a feeling im having?


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Everybody is entitled to feelings. But are you ACTING on those feelings? Are u treating her differently cuz of your feeling? Are you acting more suspicious, inconspicuous or hidden/sneaky? Maybe she is reserved because she thinks YOU are up to something. Its a vicious circle. You need to have a serious sit down heart to heart talk with her.

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This questions is suspiciously similar to another question asked earlier but anonymously  .. So I am going to copy and paste my response .. Incase  you are not the same and this question is just coincidently similar ..

There are a few schools of thought at times like these.  The truth
is, there is no way to determine exactly what is happening without
discussing it with your partner. 

Most often when this happens,
partners may suspect there is something 'nasty' going on .. Sadly, that
seems to be the 1st impression.  Well .. Yes, it can happen .. But ..
It's not the ONLY thing that 'can' happen.

Believe it or not ..
Many couples experience feelings of melancholy in their relationships
from time to time .. It is confusing but does not mean that there is
something wrong .. It happens.  Life is complicated .. And it's hard to
keep up sometimes.  When this happens, it doesn't mean either of you are
'falling out of love' .. It just means you're human.

Problem is
.. Far too often people misread this 'feeling' and think their
relationship is over .. It can affect how both partners act and react
and even make decisions.  We as humans, often base our decision making
processes around how we 'feel' .. THIS is a time, when that may be a
mistake.  Don't under estimate the strength in your relationship .. And
don't make any relationship decisions prematurely. Wait it out ..
Communicate your feelings and insecurities with your partner .. And work
it out.  THIS period will pass, and you will move forward knowing that
your relationship CAN survive those confusing times and moments of

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