What Does A Celtic Love Knot Look Like?


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The design of a Celtic love knot is one of the most intricate and beautiful patterns in Celtic jewelry. The most striking aspect of this type of circular pendant is that its intricate design appears to have no beginning or end, but is seemingly crafted from a single strand woven intricately in and out of itself to provide a beautiful and symmetrical design.

These principles underline the Celtic knot design, but it is important to understand that over the many years that the design was produced, the traditional Irish jewelry makers actually came up with several designs for this one single term.

Over time, people have adapted many designs similar to the traditional Celtic love knot designs and adopted the same name, even if the design is actually very different to traditional designs.

Some of the most commonly accepted authentic Irish designs of a Celtic Love knot are:

  • The Triple Drop Love Knot
Made using three strands which are said to stand for natures three most powerful forces, earth, water and fire. These are shaped into a continuous line which is said to embody the qualities of unity and strength as well as being representations of the spirit and self.

  • Celtic Oval Love Knot
One of the oldest designs, which can be traced back as far as 2500BC, the spiral love knot design is said to represent the eternity of life.

  • Celtic Round Love Knot
One of the most pleasing of designs, the circular design of the pendant is said to represent the orbit of the sun, with the three strands representing earth, water and fire.

  • Celtic Four Love Knot
Four distinct interlocking circles come to represent the four seasons, while the double lines that edge the pendant are said to be an embodiment of the love two people share.

  • Celtic Square Love Knot
Popular in many Celtic wedding rings, the single line running along all four sides is said to represent loyalty to your betrothed.
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The Celtic love knot is a symbol of eternal love. It conveys the intimate relationship of lovers. Here is a link from where you can see and even download the pictures of Celtic love knot:
Celtic Love Knot
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See celtic love knot

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