I Like Girls And Boys, Should I Tell My Mom?


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Forget about all the people who want to tell you how you feel is wrong. Only you know what your heart and head is telling you. Society is becoming more and more excepting of people who are openly gay/bi-sexual. I don't know how old you are, and at this time you might just be confused. I am a woman and I can look at a pretty girl and find her attractive, but I do not want to have a relationship with a girl. I think a lot of girls go through phases of curiosity. We all wonder what it might be like, but it doesn't necessarily make you bisexual. Because of the fact that you see girls with girls all the time in the media, it can cloud your judgement. Katy Perry has the new song "I kissed a girl and I liked it". Things like that can make you think maybe that would be right for me. And maybe it is, but maybe you are just going through a stage of curiosity. If you are close with your mom, you have every right to talk to her about how you are feeling. She maybe able to help you make sense of all the things going through your head. But if you know for sure that she will react negatively, you may want to wait awhile and really figure out what you want. But when you know for sure, you need to tell your family. Gay/bi-sexual people's lives can be a total mess when they are hiding the truth from their friends and families. You don't want to pretend to be someone you are not. I hope this helps, good luck!
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Theres nothing wrong with being bisexual

I am and I told my mom 1 year ago when

I was 14 and she was totally okay with it.

just be honest and tell them the truth. Be

straight forward with them. If they don't accept

it then oh well. Its not their life to live.

hope I helped! =]

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The laws of nature say opposites attract so therefore there is no harm done in you liking boys,and yes discuss this with your parent that is what mothers are for to stir there children in the right direction, she seems like a person you could share your thoughts and concerns with since you mention her,yes by all means, share your feelings and thoughts with her......good luck   
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I would just because I am open with my parents, but keep in mind some frown upon that sort of thing. I don't think my friend has ever told his parents he likes boys and girls simply because his parents would go nuts. It depends on what they consider right and wrong.
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Hmm,, well you don't necessary have to tell your mum
it could be just a faze, and go away.
Everybody at least once in their lives are attracted to the same sex.
But if you really want to tell her then do so
I'm sure she'll understand and support you
maybe sit your mum down and tell her how you are feeling
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Nobody can tell you the answer to this - only you will know when you are ready. If you are around your teens I would wait because lots of ppl at this age have a phase where they are curious. It may not be a phase but until you know I personally wouldn't  say anything. It's your choice whether you feel comfortable enough yet or not though. Your mom will want to know and believe it or not she will support you with whatever you feel - good luck and don't worry about it. You'll know what to do x
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Thanks I really needed that and yes I'm in my teens and I will tell my mom when the time is rite is I'm saying the rite thing
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If you feel you should it it totally up to you. If you feel comfortable. I think you should wait and see if it is just a passing thing but then again, it depends on if you feel like you could tell her, and she would understand
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Well I'm bi too. Don't listen to others if you truly want to tell your mom you can but you don't need to but if you know she will support you and you want to tell her then do so. I haven't told my mom. Hope this helps.
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Do NOT listen to people who tell you it's wrong! You like who you like. That's who you are and don't change it because of people frowning upon it!
How does your mom react to stuff like that? If she's open minded and you WANT to tell her then go ahead, if you think she'd freak, well then... In that case I don't think it's worth it. I told my mom I was gay and she almost threw me out. I shouldn't have told her. There's other stuff she doesn't know about me so there was really no reason for her to know I'm gay, but your always smarter afterwards, right :9
Hope I could help!

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Actually, in the book of leviticus, it says (God was talking to Moses when he said this) "You shall not lie with mankind as you lie with womankind. It is abomination to God." Lev. 18:22 Translation: Don't get freaky with guys like you get freaky with girls." I suppose someone could say that He never told girls not to get freaky with girls, but I don't see why it wouldn't go the other way around.

I think you should do what makes you happy. (Even though I'm a Christian. We'll all know in the end if it was worth it.
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I would recommend if she asks who you like, just say "I have a crush on someone...." 

And if she asks who, say the name of someone that is the same gender as you to see how she reacts.

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Read the bible and see what it saids and see if its bad
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Read the bible and see that shaving, eating pork, wearing clothes woven of two kinds of material and eating shrimp and lobster is an abomination... I don't see anyone being condemned to hell because they're eating a hotdog and wearing nike clothes...
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To be honest you should tell your mother and at the same time God created you as a girl and to  like boy's I don't know how old you are But I pray that you will think about this clearly.The reason I am saying this is because I care and I know the Lord cares for you as well.He did not make you to like girls.Jesus loves you japeace
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Liking one gender or another is not a choice you can make. It's who you are god created her the way she IS! He doesn't make mistakes.
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Wrong God did not create you to this way this your choice not God Read Genesis this wrong and God isn't please with it

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