What Kind Of Compliments Do Boys Like To Get?


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Angela Smith answered
One thing that adds tremendously to a guy's handsomeness is believe it or not, his eyes.  So next time you look into those deep caramel, sea blue, etc. Eyes, you could say "You have such gorgeous eyes".  Then kiss him!  How romantic!!! 
Also, in a lot of relationships the girlfriend is "in charge".  Kind of like the leader of the relationship.  Normally the girlfriend plans what they'll do together, when they'll do stuff together, what they'll wear together, etc.  So when a guy gets complimented on the shirt that he picked out or something that he did on his own, it boosts his self confidence and makes him appreciates that he has such a great girlfriend.
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KR- myopinions answered
Well, boys like my husband just think they are the greatest anyway. Just kidding (he does though). Boys tend to like any compliments just like girls do. ;-P  If you like something about someone you tell them. It's not hard, not usually to much thinking about it involved. Don't try to think of things they might like to hear but what you actually do like about them. If you think them up it can show and then you just seem fake so just be sincere.
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You look so handsome and you have tight muscles.
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Mandy Clark answered
"you're pretty"
"you're so smart!!"

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