Should i change what i look like compleatly to get a compliment from a guy? Please please please! Help me! Help!


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Well tell the guy that you feel really lonely and stuff. Tell him what others do to make you feel sad (I read your other questions). Don't hint that you are looking for a compliment. If he just says like "oh don't worry. People can be really mean. Don't listen to what they say." if he says that, then that's when you say " I pretty?" hope this works:)
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Mandy Clark
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Sorry read the other question but answered this one. You shouldn't change who you are to make someone like you. Just be yourself:) and if you want a compliment, then try what I said to do:)
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You need to do whatever you think you must here for the right reason; you, because if you don't like yourself youll never be happy and that will show unto others, so please yourself and others will follow
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I'm not being rude i'm just depressed cause every guy hates my guts and wants me to die.
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Then you have to change what you can and you can, but you have to want it first and then devise a plan to get it done. It wont be easy or happen overnight but with time and effort and believing in yourself, you can do it and we will help with moral support here
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I understand exactly what youre feeling here and am trying my best to help but I can only do so much over the Internet
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Be whoever or whatever type of person you truly want to be, don't be like all those girls who change because a GUY wants them to, be who you want to be deep inside, trust me, there is a guy somewhere out there who would be perfect for you. :-)
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Don't change your yourself..guys like when you have true beatuy....they have to get to know you before you go into things...let them see the beauty inside and out

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