What Is The Best Compliment You Can Give A Guy Who You Love?


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Guys love compliments, so anything nice that you say will usually be appreciated. However, I've got few rules for complimenting a guy that I think you should stick to:

How to compliment a guy and get maximum results
When girls compliment a guy, there's usually one major mistake that they make: They tell him things that they'd like to hear themselves, rather than what he actually wants to hear.

Don't get me wrong - there are guys who want to hear you describe them as "your heart and your life". Some guys even like hearing that you think about them 24/7 and want to have their babies, and be with them forever...

However, most guys would much prefer to hear that you think they're 'hot' or 'sexy'.

Complimenting a guy about something he already suspects to be true is a great way of winning his approval. So, if your guy spends a long time picking what clothes to wear, then telling him he's got great dress sense will probably make him very happy.

Guys also like a boost of confidence, and telling a guy how hot he is in bed is certain to inflate his ego.

Men enjoy being complimented about 'manly' things - so telling him how strong he is or how great he is at football might be another fast-track to his heart.
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D Smith answered
You are my world, my heart, my life. I think of you 24/7 and I worry about you more than myself. I feel like something is missing when you're not around and when you're not around, I can't wait to see your face.

You bring joy to me like no other has done and without you my life is empty.

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