Why do guys get turned on wen i hug them ......im barely even touching them>?


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Lina Guevara Profile
Lina Guevara answered
Well some guys are turned on by even the slightest of touches. Sometimes not even touching but just the way you smell or look. Some guys have more control over it...some don't. It really just depends on the guy....
jeff kraus Profile
jeff kraus answered
How do you know they are turned on? Guys are very easily stimulated.
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Tally Rivera
Tally Rivera commented
I can tell cuz they start rubbing into me & keep hugging me tighter ...i swer those guys need girlfriendss >>
dekiya abdi Profile
dekiya abdi answered
They're weird thats why!
Karina Ortega Profile
Karina Ortega answered
I don't know... Haha guys get turned on too easily... Theyre just wierd like that
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EternalKing ChronoSurok
Stereotypical... Lolz.. Not ALL guys..
Karina Ortega
Karina Ortega commented
Well most guys!
Titus agore
Titus agore commented
I do I was a late bloomer if a girl touchs my body anywear,,I get turned on don't hate me not my failt I would not rub and grind you,, unless you asked me too or did it first.
diego gutierrez Profile
diego gutierrez answered
It depends how close you are to them because some girls grind or some guys are just excited it's hormones or virgins
Hunter Turkey Profile
Hunter Turkey answered
This is just so wrong... But its because males have a bad hormone problem, like major testosterone... So they might not think it, but they want some..... Or they like you...

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