Where Do You Touch A Guy To Turn Him On?


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The answer to this question really depends on the guy in you're talking about.

Some guys need direct stimulation of their 'nether-regions' to provoke a reaction, whilst other guys get an erection just from looking at the cover of a Nigella Lawson cookbook.
How to turn a guy on by touching him

Generally, any sort of prolonged contact with the crotch area (clothed or unclothed) will be enough to give a guy a 'hard-on'.

'Frottage' is the term generally used to describe this form of non-penetrative sex.

If you think that 'frottage' sounds more like a type of French cheese than something you'd want to do to your boyfriend (after a few cans of cider in the park), you may be interested to know that the word simply derives from the French word for 'rubbing'.

This is probably the most straightforward way you could turn a guy on just by touching him.

Where to touch a guy to get him horny If you'd like to be a little more subtle, you might want to try turning a guy on using the following techniques:

  • Kissing a sensitive area like the neck or ear.
  • Teasingly stroking his inner thigh.
Sometimes it's not where you touch, but how you touch that really makes the difference:

For example, a girl might be able to turn a guy on by seductively simulating masturbation on a guy's index finger.
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Gently, on his privates.
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Well, first you can rub his lower back and even his stomach under his shirt. Then move up to keep him wanting more. Rub the back of his neck and play with his hair. If you're looking for more then you work your way all the way down.

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